I don’t know where I’d be without the various POCA communities. From the mental health support communities where I got advice on medication and how to best deal with my academics in a difficult time, to the resume advice I got in the professional networking online events, I’m where I am right now as a result of POCA. A lot of my close friends, both irl and url, were people I first met via POCA and I can’t imagine my life without having stumbled across it this year.

testimonial #1

POCA changed my life. So many of my closest friends now are people I first met via POCA. I was able to find cool events and social activities at my university through POCA, as well as being able to discover activism opportunities and protests in my campus and my local community. Being in POCA and seeing the intelligent discussions that go on there, often between really smart and academically well-versed activists and academics, has added so much to my understanding of the world, and a proud community that celebrates the achievements of people of color has been a wonderful tonic in a world where Eurocentric beauty standards and the lack of POC representation or visibility often gets me down.

testimonial #2